Marquetry 2

After reading through Pierre Ramond’s book Marquetry my interest has grown even more so I went to my local library to see what else I could find on the subject. I am honestly impressed by the what the Indianapolis Marion County Library (IMCPL) has to offer. In fact, I had to limit myself to only a few. So what did I choose?

The first book is entitled A Marquetry Odyssey: Historical Objects and Personal Work by Silas Kopf.

Marquetry book 2

As soon as I opened the book I instantly recognized some of Kopf’s work. I’m guessing that I have seen it in one of the numerous woodworking magazines I subscribe to but seeing all of the work compiled together is stunning. If you are unfamiliar with Silas Kopf you can check his work out here. While the book is certainly inspiring, and one I would like to add to my personal library, it isn’t exactly a how to manual. Maybe I’m just intimidated by the level of work he does. However, there is a great picture of a marquetry “donkey” on page 206 that is certainly helpful.

So being intimidated by Kopf’s work I also picked up The Marquetry Course by Jack Metcalfe & John Apps.

Marquetry book 3

This book is exactly what I was looking for. It is a step-by-step guide into marquetry complete with exercises designed to introduce you to the craft. One of the things you find here that you don’t get with Roubo is a modern approach to marquetry. I am certainly interested in the historical methods; after all that is what first attracted me to marquetry in the first place. But I want to be able to do marquetry with what I have available first as an exercise in prudence and second as a way to gain confidence in the art.

So now that I have filled my brain with marquetry theory I will have to take the leap into practice. In my former post I ended with the ambition to build a “donkey” but I think a more appropriate approach would be to start cutting wood. Stay tuned.

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