Handworks 2015 Countdown

Four more days until Handworks! I’m not sure how to deal with the flood of emotions. I’m a grown man and feel like a small child counting down the minutes until Christmas. Seriously. But if you’re a woodworker you will understand why I’m so giddy. If you’re not a woodworker here is a list of reasons why I can’t wait for Handworks 2015 in Amana, IA.

1. Tools. Not just any tools but very finely crafted tools, many of them handmade.

2. Studley. Well not Studley but what H.O. Studley left behind–an unbelievable chest full of tools!

3. The Stars. In the world of woodworking, or at least hand tool woodworking, the stars will be there. Think of it like a high school pep rally for woodworkers. The coach, Roy Underhill, will give a presentation. The QB, Christopher Schwarz, will be on hand to pass out play books. The cheer leader, Megan Fitzpatrick; the running back, Jameel Abraham; and of course an entire host of other “players” will all be there.

4. Relaxation. Beyond all the other benefits of being surrounded by woodworking greatness, there is the added benefit of having the opportunity to chill out. I’ve got a nice little hotel room reserved with cable. I will meet up with old friends and possibly make some new ones.

Maybe it’s just the last one that the non-woodworking community would understand.

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