Furniture of Necessity

The other day C.S. admitted that what he was working on was downright ugly. His argument was that it didn’t have to be pretty because it was something that anyone could make–and the point was to make it yourself not purchase it. After working on my son’s bed some more this morning I finally arrived at the point where I begin to evaluate all the work I have done.

I stood back looking at the thing that now exists and thought; “There is certainly room for improvement.” Some of the proportions seem off to me. I rounded over the edges of everything (in the hopes of preventing a trip to the ER) but know that once paint is on the bed it will look like I slapped some 2x4s together.

But it’s furniture of necessity–not meant to be a masterpiece. It’s functional and will definitely stand up to the abuse the boys will give it. And it’s almost done.

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