Mother’s Day Cometh

My mother’s birthday was at the beginning of the month. Being a good son I put $50 in a card and wished her a happy birthday. I’m sure she appreciated it but cash just doesn’t get her excited. She told me, in a kind motherly way, that she wanted me to make her something. What do you make for someone who has a house full of stuff already?

A few years ago (or more?) I read an article on bandsaw boxes and thought they were cool. I’ve lost the article and can’t remember which magazine it was even in, but I thought this would be a fun gift. My mom likes old stuff; antiques and rustic furniture. I had a hunk of aromatic cedar laying around so I decided to use it to make her a small jewelry box. Cedar is soft, kind of brittle, and prone to large checks but that will just add to the character (I hope). I used some walnut to make the pulls for the drawers. Overall it’s a really easy project. All that is required is a bandsaw, some glue and a few hours.

The good news is that I’m almost done with it. I applied a coat of shellac as a sealer and plan to finish it with lacquer.

Bandsaw Box 1 Bandsaw Box 2

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