Bed Update

I managed to get the head and foot board assemblies dry fitted. However, I needed to make sure the bed springs I bought would fit as well, but I was out of space in the shop. Simple solution; move things into the house. I set the bed up in what we call the hearth room (well because that’s where the hearth is of course) but never use for anything. The room is big enough that I can leave the bed up while I take measurements for the side rails and build the stairs for the end.

I’m approaching the 45 hr mark on this build and have a good 20 more to go. The good news is that I have gained some skill with hand-cut mortises. The last five I cut were near perfect–I only had to tweak the tenons and they mated perfectly. I’m enjoying this but am really looking forward to starting the bench build–I’m guessing that will happen sometime after Handworks in May.

Wyatt Bed first assembly

Wyatt Bed first assembly 2

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