I have a lot of mortises to cut for the bunk bed I’m making for my son. Four of the mortise’s will hold the metal hooks of the bed springs and don’t have to be a perfect size. In fact, they are are supposed to be over-sized in length and width to accommodate the hooks. I thought this would be a great opportunity to try playing around with creating square holes. I normally drill out the majority of waste on a drill press and then clean up with a chisel.


This has worked for me pretty well. But I watched a couple of YouTube videos and thought I would try out the different approaches to making a square hole. The first video is by Bob Rozaieski

And the second by Paul Sellers

The good news? They both work. I tend to prefer Rozaieski’s method because I don’t seem to mar up the ends or sides of the mortise as much. I’ve also found that with using a mortise chisel it is easier for me if I don’t drill out the waste first. The pre-drilled holes want to force my chisel to turn making the hole wider than I want it. On this project it wasn’t a problem but it’s good to know for the future (since there are about a hundred mortises on this bed).

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