Honey Do

While I’m waiting on the lumber for the bench to acclimate to the shop, I’ve been tasked with completing a project for my youngest son. He turned three this year and is ready to graduate to a “big boy” bed. My wife found this at Pottery Barn. Pottery Barn Loft Bed Wyatt's room

It comes with a heavy price tag. So heavy in fact that I’m thinking I could afford to buy all the material and a few tools and still not come close to the original price. I’m planning on using poplar for lumber since it will definitely get a coat of paint. I picked up a set of bunk bed springs at University Loft a local manufacturer of university and military furniture. They have an outlet open to the public and the price was perfect. The spring frame set me back $117.00 with tax but are built to take some serious abuse. The best part? They only require a single mortise with some metal pins inserted like a dowel joint. I’m estimating that I will complete the bed, mattress included, for around $500.00, that’s a good $1,000 below the Pottery Barn price. We’ll see how close I come to the estimate before I whip out any tool catalogs!

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